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Cath Edvalson

In the November/December issue of Paper Crafts magazine, we’ve assailed you with inspiring projects you can create for the holidays. There’s an entire section devoted exclusively to holiday cards, a feature that shows projects with cute little Christmas critters on them and two features devoted to the gifting aspect of the holiday season.

While the Gift Trios feature shows you great gift-wrapping inspiration in which the same product was used for a gift container, a tag, and a card; another feature, The Heart of Christmas, shows you fun and unique ways to wrap up the tasty goodies we like to share with friends, family and neighbors during this bake-fest of a season.

I got busy baking myself for the feature’s opener:

Fresh from my oven to the pages of my favorite magazine.

Known as the “bringer of pies” in my circles, I just happened to be baking a birthday pie for my oldest daughter the weekend before the opener needed to be shot…way back in July. So naturally I volunteered to make another “while I was at it” pie. I was asked to cut a heart out of the center of the pie so the meaning of the title could be visually communicated, and while it was super easy to cut the heart out of the center of the crust, placing the heart in the smack-dab middle of the pie turned out to be much more challenging than I knew! Let’s just say that I’m very grateful for the powers of Photoshop, because as far as you know, *wink*, I placed that puppy dead-center, right?

Speaking of challenges, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but our November Gallery Challenge is “centered on” festive treat containers. Inspired by fantastic designs such as these from the feature, we’re hosting a super fun challenge that offers you an opportunity to show off your own festive ways of dressing up food gifts of all types and varieties!

I love the sweet paper crafted stocking Paper Crafts Pro Wendy Johnson has used for this treat container!

It doesn’t matter what your baking, there’s a way to paper craft the container! Here Paper Crafts Pro Susan Neal has fashioned a bread wrap and you could put just about anything in this beautiful container by Sherry Wright!

You have until Monday at midnight (MDT) to upload your creations, and you’ll not only receive a prize and be featured on this blog if you win, but you’ll also be able to scratch those homemade treat containers off your to-do list before Thanksgiving even thinks about putting itself on the table!

Click HERE for all the details you’ll need to get your craft on!

I can’t wait to be inspired by you,

P.S. We just sent out our Call for Submissions for Card Creations, Volume 8! Interested in submitting to our most popular special issue? Click HERE for all the details!

Brandy Jesperson

Brandy Jesperson

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with countdowns. My handsome husband and I are expecting our first baby in February, so we’re excitedly counting down the months until we get to meet our new little bundle of joy. I’m a self-professed Christmas-holic, so I’m counting down the days until I can start putting up my Christmas decorations and watching my favorite Christmas movies in front of the fire. I’m counting down the days until my local grocery store is selling pumpkins for me to purchase and promptly place on my front porch. And finally, I’m counting down the days until our first Editorial Board meeting with the new Paper Crafts Go-to Gals! 

Yep, Betsy, Maren, Kim K., Kim H., Teri, and Jessica are all jet setting their way to Salt Lake next week to meet for a few days of jibber jabbering and concepting. We’ve had lots of Editorial Board meetings in the past. We’ve met with an assortment of talented designers and picked their brains all in the hopes of producing bigger and better magazines for you, our loyal readers. 

Here we are at my house last fall. Weve met in stuffy conference rooms before, but we find were more creative when we can take off our shoes and relax a bit.

We held last year's ed board meeting at my house. We've met in conference rooms before, but we find we're more creative when we can take off our shoes and relax.

And of course, no Paper Crafts meeting would be complete without a wide variety of candy!

And no Paper Crafts meeting would be complete without a wide variety of sugary substances to keep our energy levels up!

How else do you explain these psychic connections between Founding Paper Crafts Pro Sue Neal and Paper Crafts Founder Valerie Pingree?

How else do you explain the psychic connection between Founding Paper Crafts Pro Sue Neal and Paper Crafts Founder Valerie Pingree?

This year will be no different. I’m positive that we’ll come up with some amazing ideas for next year’s magazines. The fact that we finally get to meet some of these Go-to Gals in person is just icing on the cake!

Since all of us at Paper Crafts sincerely value what YOU ALL think we’d love to get your ideas too. Consider this your chance to add your ideas to the Editorial Board pot. Leave a comment letting me know what types of features you’d like to see in the future pages of Paper Crafts. Have a technique you’d like to learn more about? Tell me about it and we’ll try our best to work it into the magazine. Want yet another way to be a part of next week’s Editorial Board meeting? Check out our Facebook page for updates on Tuesday…we’ll be sharing little bits of our meeting with our fans!

Okay, now that this blog is written and posted, I’m counting down the hours until lunch! This pregnant editor is hungry for something salty! 

Happy Thursday all!

P.S. If f you’d like to make your own psychic connection with Sue Neal, she’ll be teaching some fun card classes at CKC-San Marcos this weekend. If you’re in the neighborhood, swing by and give her a big Texas-sized hug!

P. Kelly Smith

P. Kelly Smith

Welcome to Freebie Friday! Last week we bid a fond farewell to the last days of summer. And while I always mourn the loss of my flip-flops and snow cones, I know all good things will eventually come around again. So let’s embrace fall and all the colors, smells, textures and yes, even the cool air. For everything there is a season…

And before you know it, little ghosts and goblins will be creeping up your walkway in search of sugary treats for their plastic pumpkin pails. Whenever Halloween rolls around, I always think of my little two-year-old cousin. He’s now a cool dude of 11, but once upon a time he couldn’t pronounce his s’s very well. We were out trick or treating and he saw something that frightened him. He grabbed his mom’s hand and said, “Mommy, that was pooky and cary!” Add the s’s to front of those words and you’ll get what he was trying to say!

If you enjoy celebrating Halloween and paper crafting this “pooky and cary” time of year, we’re here to help! We have some frighteningly fun titles/quotes in the Simple Sentiments column (p. 89) of our September/October 2009 issue. Did you know that you can download every one of them right HERE?

Here’s a few of my favorites:

And because we’re always here to inspire you, look at the cute card our managing editor Brandy made with the “Beware” quote:

Bump in the Night Card by Brandy Jesperson

Bump in the Night Card by Brandy Jesperson

Who doesn’t like free quotes? I guess you could say today’s giveaway is for everyone! For those of you who need real, tangible product to awaken your inner paper goblin, you’re in luck! I have two Halloween collections (Spooked, Night Light) from My Mind’s Eye. Leave a comment telling me your favorite childhood Halloween costume and I’ll randomly pick two winners. All comments must be received by midnight (MST) on Sunday, Sept. 13.

Happy Downloading,

P.S. Today is our former art director’s birthday! Since Halloween is Stace’s favorite time of year, I thought I would share this groovy picture of her:

Would anyone care for one of Staces magic brownies? We dressed up as hippies last year, so her carrying a plateful of brownies actually made sense!

Would anyone care for one of Stace's "magic" brownies? We dressed as hippies last Halloween, so her carrying a plateful of brownies actually made sense!

P.P.S. For those of you attending CKC-Nashville this weekend, make sure you say hi to two of our very own Paper Crafts peeps! Both Susan Neal and Susan Opel will be teaching some fun card classes you won’t want to miss!

Susan R. Opel

Susan R. Opel

One of my all time favorite movies is The Sound of Music, especially for the music. I mean how can you not feel all warm inside when the Von Trapps sing “Edelweiss” and “So Long, Farewell”? There’s a comfort in these songs that remind me of the past and happy times.

Today we celebrate one last time our out-going Founding Paper Crafts Pros with a cheery rendition of “So Long, Farewell”. They have been an important part of our magazine, and we wish them the absolute very best as they begin their new paper crafting adventures. 

Founding Paper Crafts Pros: Wendy Johnson, Sue Neal, Alisa Bangerter and Kim Kesti.

Founding Paper Crafts Pros: Wendy Johnson, Sue Neal, Alisa Bangerter and Kim Kesti.

In case you missed it, Alisa, Susan, and Wendy have all bid an official farewell in three different blog posts here on Paper Crafts Connection. You can read Alisa’s here, Susan’s here, and Wendy’s here.

We certainly don’t expect these ladies to fade out of the picture. You can look forward to seeing more of their creations in our magazine, and we can’t wait to watch where the future takes them. Alisa is working on writing a book, Susan is busy teaching classes and Wendy is embarking on a new venture with Piggy Tales as their education coordinator. And since they love teaching, you just might get the chance to take a class from them at a CKC.

Make sure to leave some love in the form of comments here today for these fabulous ladies. I’ll choose one lucky winner who will receive a copy of Scrapbook to Cards autographed by Alisa, Susan, and Wendy, as well as their partner in paper crafting crime, Kim Kesti. Get those responses in by midnight MDT on Friday, September 4th, and Kelly will announce the winner on Monday!

So long, ladies,

Wendy Johnson, Founding Paper Crafts Pro

Wendy Johnson

‘Tis the season for ribbons, paper galore and homemade gifts tied up in pretty things! As we celebrate an early Christmas this week on the ol’ Paper Crafts blog, I’m excited to share with you a tag I created for this very fun special issue that is overflowing with amazing holiday creations. 

The little diddy shown below and featured in Holiday Cards & More, Vol. 4 was made with love from the super cute KI Memories collection, “Festive.” I love the bright colors and whimsical design that captures the fun side of the holiday season, and I’d love to give away a set of this collection along with a copy of this extra special holiday issue. Just leave me a comment by Friday, August 28 at midnight MDT and I’ll choose three winners.

Christmas Heart Tag (p. 106)

I can’t believe that we’re already gearing up for this season and all that it brings. It seems that every season sneaks up on us whether we are prepared for it or not! I also know that along with the seasons of fall, winter, summer and spring, there comes other seasons in our lives… all of which serve a purpose and shape who we are. I love this little reminder that is perched on my mantle that helps me remember that there truly is a season and time for every purpose in our lives. 

This lovely quote greets me each and every day.

Six years ago, seeds were planted during a time of my life that has grown and flourished and become one of my most bountiful seasons. Those seeds were planted in the rich soil of Paper Crafts and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have grown and flourished within the pages of this magazine, as they themselves grew from a single issue. I was there in the beginning and have thoroughly enjoyed this little season of my life. My greatest accomplishment has come within the pages of The Joy of Card Making and The Joy of Card Making: A Second Helping special issues.

I’m so grateful for Valerie Pingree and Jennafer Martin for their vision and belief in me as we worked together to bring you little card recipes for you to use in your card making. I will never forget the late night hours with two sleeping little ones tucked in their beds, as I worked on sketches and cards to share with you, our beloved readers. After the success of both issues, I was then asked to become a Paper Crafts Pro and continued to share with you my love and passion for paper crafting each month. I have also traveled across the country to Canada and even on a Caribbean Cruise to teach eager students who are ready to learn and share in this amazing hobby! 

As this season of my life comes to a close, I can’t say goodbye without saying thank you to those that have helped shape my life during this season…

  • Valerie Pingree – who saw something in me the very first day and captured the vision of The Joy of Card Making from the first moment she laid eyes on it. I owe this all to you!
  • Jennafer Martin – oh, how I have missed her! The e-mails and phone calls over the years as we worked together on The Joy of Card Making series and other special issues when she was managing editor of Paper Crafts.  Jennafer, you are one of the most amazing and influential women in the editorial department and I’m so proud to have worked with you. You deserve your new title more than ANYONE, and I’m a better person for having known you!
  • Nichole Heady – we became Paper Crafts Pro buddies from the very beginning. We’ve shared moments of laughter and late night talks as we discussed everything from our children, snakes that roam her Tennessee backyard and the latest and greatest in paper, ribbon and stamps. I’m so proud of you and your risk to make your dreams come true… Papertrey Ink. I love ya, friend!
  • Alisa Bangerter – There isn’t anyone that is more genuine, honest and sincere than this dear friend. Alisa, you are so very talented and I’m so proud of you! I love watching your segments on KSL as you have taken flight in your own new adventures. I will be the first in line to buy your book… so you better get it written!
  • Melissa Phillips – Seriously, can there be anyone sweeter than you?! Oh, sweet Melissa, how I love ya, girlie! You are THE MOST talented gal I know and best little mommy! Thank you for always being there, listening to me and being a part of this season in my life!
  • Sue Neal – If you haven’t taken a class from Sue, then you are truly missing out! She is one of the best teachers I know and is so full of life. I’m so glad we share some Idaho roots and that we have become such good friends! Best of luck with your cute card kits and I’ll see you at the conventions!
  • Stacy Croninger – There was no one better to take the helm of Paper Crafts after Valerie stepped down than you! I have missed your Laffy Taffy jokes and fun sense of humor! I’m so grateful that you are still a part of this huge family and that I get to see you at the Creating Keepsakes Conventions… I’m such a lucky gal!
  • Cath Edvalson – There really aren’t any words to adequately describe this amazing lady! We have spent several years working together and I have learned so much from her! Cath, I will never forget when you told me you had an “emotional reaction” over a picture frame I created years ago… that is my greatest compliment from you. Thank you!
  • Brenda Peterson – The glue that holds the entire Paper Crafts family together. I have worked with Brenda since that very first day and she is still here to keep everyone going! Thank you for your hard work and making sure I get paid!
  •  Jennifer, Brandy, Kelly and Susan – The rest of the gals that round out the amazing editorial staff of Paper Crafts magazine. Although our time spent together was very short, I’m so grateful that I have had the opportunity to have known and worked with you. Brandy, thank you for your wonderful home where we met many times to brainstorm, laugh and enjoy good food! Kelly, you have taken the blogging world by fire and you are amazing with what you do. Susan, you have added a whole other element to this family… thank you for your presence and hard work! Jennifer – everyone is in good hands with you leading the team. Thank you for your help and understanding during very difficult times.
  • Paper Crafts Loyal Readers – all I can say is… thank you. Thank you for your loyal support every month as you read the pages of this amazing magazine. We all love you!

As with every season in our lives, when one comes to a close, another one begins to come to life. And so it is with my own little journey in life. Although my season with Paper Crafts magazine has come to a close, I’m beyond excited and thrilled for my new season that is just beginning to sprout. As the new Education Coordinator for Piggy Tales, I will be designing classes and traveling across the country doing what I love the very most… teaching! I will also be designing projects galore through our monthly kit club, PTA, and many other assignments and adventures that are about to unfold. So, drop by our web site and you will be able to continue to see me in all that Piggy Tales has to offer… you don’t want to miss out!

And last, but not least, I must thank my sweet husband. He was there that very first day when I had the idea to submit my work. He has encouraged me every step of the way, washed dishes, mopped floors and wiped runny noses from two little faces when I have been buried in deadlines! If it weren’t for him, my dreams would have never come true! I love you, babe!

May we each remember that there truly is a “season and a time to every purpose” as we each journey through life… may you live each season that comes your way to the very fullest!

Wendy, Founding Paper Crafts Pro

P.S. If you’re a new reader and interested in learning more about The Joy of Card Making special issues, we’re currently offering a “Buy One, Get One” sale. If you buy the first volume, you’ll get “A Second Helping” for FREE! Click HERE to reserve your copies today!

Susan Neal

Susan Neal

As I travel and teach for Paper Crafts magazine, the most common question I hear is “how can I get your job?” I thought I’d take this last opportunity to answer with the long version, basically a synopsis of my time here at Paper Crafts… let’s go back in time!

In  2001 I started a relationship with Creating Keepsakes magazine. I had entered a few contests, one of which I won, and the other which led me to doing some design work, including this first cover:

The July/August 2001 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine

The July/August 2001 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine

In conversation with the CK editors, they discovered I was a designer/painter. They quickly got me in contact with the managing editor (Jennafer Martin, who is now the editor-in-chief of CK) of their new sister publication Crafts magazine. Literally, within a few days I had design assignments. I spent the next few years designing and painting for Crafts, but my heart was turning to paper. I was done with wood!

Fortunately, Crafts magazine and Valerie Pingree (the founding editor of Paper Crafts) also made such a change and in February of 2004 Paper Crafts magazine was launched and I was along for the ride. And what a ride it’s been!

Heres where it all began: the Febraury 2004 issue of Paper Crafts.

Here's where it all began: the February 2004 issue of Paper Crafts.

At the time I had just sold a paper crafting retail store/web site I had started in 2002. I suddenly had two very important things necessary to contributing to Paper Crafts magazine in a big way: time and plenty of paper crafting supplies. 

In short order I was asked to fill the role of Paper Crafts Pro for the magazine. It was very much a job that evolved over time, and one that was exciting and creative and really, just fun. We (the PC Pros) became contributors not only in design, but at editorial boards meetings; we helped to critique past issues and plan for new ones. We researched trends, brainstormed and got super creative.

Early on, I conceived a special issue idea that turned into Card Fashion; using fashion to inspire card design. I got to concept, write, assign, organize and I loved every moment of it. I have to thank Jennafer M. and Stacy C. for giving me that opportunity.

Card Fashion, 2006

Card Fashion, 2006

It was such a joy to work for Paper Crafts that I don’t think I’ve ever said no to any request in all the years I’ve worked there. I’m sure I’ll hear about it if I did!

We soon got opportunities to teach; which has been one of my most beloved responsibilities and one that I’ve carried through to a new business I started last fall, Q’s Creative Card Classes. I love to travel, meet new people and share in our mutual paper crafting passion. I was just in Valley Forge a few weeks ago and will be in Tulsa again this weekend – hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

CKC-Valley Forge, 2009

CKC-Valley Forge, 2009

We travelled to CHA and other industry conventions, representing the magazine, doing research and creating relationships with manufacturers. Many great memories are associated with these trips and I dearly miss them.

In 2006 I was asked to represent Paper Crafts on a local morning show KSL Studio 5. I clearly remember the butterflies that first day, but oddly enough they quickly disappeared and I left the show that day thinking, “I think I can do this.” I’m sure a large part of this was the ease of interaction with the hostess of the show, Brooke Walker.

Heres one of my appearances on Studio5. Love that Brooke Walker!

Here's one of my appearances on Studio 5. Love that Brooke Walker!

Surprisingly, the most intimidating thing I’ve been asked to do is video tape instructional videos. I know this sounds very similar to live TV, but actually, it’s much, much harder, as you have nothing but a camera (or two) to relate to. No cute hostess to play off of or fill in your blanks – just you and the camera. Fortunately, I was very prepared and despite my nervousness, was able to create some successful teaching segments. The second time I did this was much easier, which just goes to show you that some things just have to be done to be learned.

Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect!

You can see me in this video!

You can see me in this video!

It has been my absolute joy being an ambassador and cheerleader for Paper Crafts Magazine and one I don’t plan on stopping. I continue to devour each issue and share that love with anyone I come in contact with. As a founding PC Pro, I’m hoping you’ll still see me on occasion.

Working for Paper Crafts has given me a whole new set of skills that I want to use. Q’s Creative Card Classes has become a huge part of my life. I’ve also continued my relationship with Studio 5 and am now a regular cooking and paper crafting contributor for them. I still freelance design and consult in large part because of the treasured friendships and valuable relationships I’ve gathered over the years. 

I’m sure it’s easy to see the opportunity part of this equation. I want to thank every one of you who gave me those moments… you know who you are!

I prepared for those opportunities by working. Really, it’s that simple. I love this hobby so much that work for me was a joy, but it was still work. Lots and lots and lots of design, educating myself on techniques and even creating some along the way. And of course, staying on top of trends and reading Paper Crafts magazine! The editors at Paper Crafts are so good at communicating just what they need, so read closely and don’t give up! Keep submitting and persevere. I’ll be looking for your name soon!

Your Founding PC Pro,
Sue Neal

P.S. If you’re intrigued by the concept of Card Fashion, I just happen to have three copies from the secret Paper Crafts vault. Leave me a comment and I’ll pick three random winners to receive their very own copy! All comments must be received by midnight on Thursday, August 20.

Susan Neal

Susan Neal

Certainly, the best part of being a PC Pro has been getting to share my paper crafting passion with so many like-minded ladies (and a few men!).  

Today I want to share my passion for the baby bunny buggy baggy. Say that five times fast!

Or just make this sweet little gift bag for your next baby gift. It’s perfect for personalizing a gift card. There’s even room for a wee gift like a binkie, rattle, booties, socks, onesie, etc…

Everything about this gift bag speaks baby – buttons, scallops… even this tranquil aqua color. But the real star is the adorable baby bunny buggy die-cut from the Cricut ZooBalloo cartridge. Don’t forget to add foam squares, dot his eyes and curl his bunny ears to make him come to life!

The bag topper is a simple template (you can download here) that can be easily re-sized to fit any size shopping bag you have. (I was even dreaming about making a topper for a large grocery sack filled with candied popcorn for the holidays. Stay tuned!)

If you like this project, you’re in luck! I’m giving away five of my Bliss card-making kits ($19 value), which includes this baby gift bag. Leave a comment telling me your idea of bliss. All comments must be received by midnight (MST) on Thursday, June 23. The winners will be announced on Friday’s blog!

Sue, Paper Crafts Pro

P.S. I loved incorporating buttons into the wheels of my baby bunny buggy. Wanna see some other creative uses of buttons? Check out this week’s round of Gallery Idol! And make sure you vote for your favorite button design here!

Jennifer Schaerer

Jennifer Schaerer

For almost five years we’ve had a group of four incredibly talented ladies share clever tips, amazing projects, and inspiring ideas with us in every issue. As our Paper Crafts Pros, Alisa Bangerter, Wendy Johnson, Kim Kesti and Susan Neal have also been in touch with you on our blog and as instructors at our Creating Keepsakes Conventions.

Although they’ve been right alongside us during the growth and change at Paper Crafts, Alisa, Wendy and Susan let us know several months ago that they are ready to take flight toward new adventures in the paper crafting universe and will be stepping away from their commitments to the magazine. As Founding Paper Crafts Pros you’ll still be able to find them teaching, creating, and sharing this hobby that we all love so much, and we know they’ll remain close within the Paper Crafts family.

So we sat back and really thought about what our paper crafting community needed and wanted from a group like this. We came up with a wish list of style, skill, and personality traits and then compiled a series of challenges, from writing an inspiring blog post to creating an instructional video clip. Finally, we reached out to the community of your favorite card designers and asked several of them to participate in our top secret mission.

Each editor worked with the group on a specific challenge, and then we all evaluated the projects together. Boy oh boy – was it ever a fun ride! There are so many talented designers and we really had a difficult time narrowing down the field. As it turns out, we couldn’t settle on just four. And we found ourselves referring to them as the “new group of go-to gals” during the process, so…


Starting next week, we’ll be introducing you to our SIX new Paper Crafts Go-to Gals! Each Tuesday and Thursday for the next three weeks – right here on our blog – you’ll get to meet them one by one. To their credit, each one has had to keep this absolutely mum for over three months. Can you imagine? Not one of these women will ever be accused of not being able to keep a secret!

The identity of Go-to Gal #1 will be revealed on Tuesday!

We’d love for you to join us as we toast Alisa, Wendy and Susan for their dedication to Paper Crafts over the years, and welcome the new group of Go-to Gals to our magazine family.


Susan Neal

Susan Neal

I was going through an old photo file the other day and stumbled across this priceless gem…

Twenty-one years ago my husband gave this card to me for my birthday. I think, more than anything, this photo/card (he was ahead of his time!) says more about him as a Dad than a husband.

He was always doing things with the boys…stuff moms just don’t do, and I have countless pictures that are proof of his mad dad skills.




Here’s another one that just makes me laugh! Emma is now 17 and Ethan is 18, and frankly not much has changed in the personality department (except for the thumb-sucking!). I actually made this awhile ago for an issue, but will be giving it to him this year. I know he’ll get a kick out of it.

To create this swivel card, I used a great die-cut from the Cricut’s Going Places Cartridge (the earth) and a brad. You can download this sentiment (and the one below) here if you’d like to re-create it.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of die-cuts. I just can’t help thinking how impossible most of these cards would be without the variety of die-cutting systems I have.

I just got a new cartridge for my Cricut called “Life is a Beach” and I’ve been dying to try it. When I saw this “Big Kahuna” shark, I knew it would make a perfect Father’s Day card from the kids this year since we were just in Hawaii.

I’ll be posting several more Father’s Day cards I’ve made over the years on my blog, so if you still need some inspiration, please check them out.

And just when you thought I was not doing a giveaway…

Perfect for the men (or women) in your life who play baseball, I’m giving away one Baseball Solutions Cartridge from Cricut. Just convince me you love die-cutting as much as me and you might win! 

One lucky winner will score a home run with this fun cartridge!

One lucky winner will score a home run with this fun Cricut cartridge!

Good luck!
Sue, Paper Crafts Pro

Susan Neal

Susan Neal



We all grew up with felt; it’s one of those fond crafting memories of childhood. It’s fuzzy, warm and comes in a rainbow of colors. You most likely have a stack of it somewhere in your own craft room.

It’s time to FIND it! Felt is an inexpensive and creative way to add a little ‘something’ to you next project. Here’s my latest card:

I used my Cuttlebug to cut the felt. I had to shim it with a piece of cardstock to get a nice clean cut, so be prepared to experiment a bit. I also used this adorable new paper from Cosmo Cricket and one of the cool new Colorbox inks from Clearsnap, SURF.

 Besides die-cutting, try:

  • Layering felt accents for even greater dimension
  • Sewing it by hand or with your machine
  • Letting a piece of felt peek through die-cut silhouettes
  • Embellishing it with buttons, brads, eyelets or ribbon
  • Painting, writing or stamping on it (experiment with this)

You may have a stack of felt, but I have BAGS of it! I’d love to send a few of you a sampling of my colors: 

Leave me a comment and you could win a selection of this fun felt!

Leave a comment and you could win some of this fun felt!

Warm and fuzzy wishes,
Sue, Paper Crafts Pro

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