Jennifer Schaerer

I admit it — I struggle to write the editor’s note in each issue. Not because I’m ever short on words (just ask my long-suffering husband), but more that I want the message to be useful and relevant since that page is some pretty valuable real estate. I’m sure it would be better used on featuring a project or three, right? 

When I started doodling the figures for our newest special issue, hoping the numbers would tell me a story that translated into something worthy of this spectacular publication, I realized that the issue is really beyond the term “special.” 

It’s turned out to be what we hope will be a true collector’s item – a collaboration between 6 Go-to Gals, who each created 11 sketches, which were the inspiration for 60 other contributors that resulted in 282 magnificent projects. So, my sketchy math says that 6 x 11 + 60 = 282. 

So now you have 282 great reasons to get yourself a copy of Go-to Sketches

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There’s fun in every page, and talent at every turn. There’s more to come (you DO know that we like to throw little promotional parties here and on the Moxie Fab World blog when we have a new special issue, don’t you?) so I won’t reveal everything, but I will say that we had an absolute blast at the photo shoot for this one. The giggling, preening, teasing, and overall friendship between this energetic group of women was something to stand back and soak in. Getting a group shot was…well, probably as challenging as you imagine it would be. 

The good news is that we've got PLENTY of outtakes for future use!

We’ve heard that the issues are on the newsstands and in your LSS already, so run (don’t walk!) to the nearest one to get yourself a copy. You know I’ve probably got one to give away, right? And that I’ll probably ask you to leave me a comment for a chance to win it, right? And that you need to do that by midnight (MDT) this Thursday, March 25, right? 

Guess what? 

You’re right. 

Stay tuned for more fun to come,