Holly Mills

Everyone has their personal style that is unique to them and helps them feel their best. Feng Shui. Clean, modern lines. Chic and feminine. But the one thing that we all need every now and then is inspiration.  

Last week the Paper Crafts team was privileged to tour Doodlebug Design’s new headquarters. Sure, we wowed and drooled over their latest products, but there was something extra special about their building. After several minutes I realized Doodlebug had caught on to that special equation: inspiring workplace = inspired product.  

While comparing the new Doodlebug offices to my humble cubicle isn’t exactly apples to apples, I left our tour dreaming of transforming my personal workspace into something more conducive to creative production. And then I started to wonder: how many of us are inspired by our work environments? My work environment is where I’m toiling away to make a small contribution to the world. It’s where I brainstorm, talk, fester and muse. But do I receive aesthetic nourishment from this place? Does my workspace help me be at the top of my creative game?   

Honestly, I have some work ahead of me. But I feel excited to start designing my space. Even the planning and brainstorming is inspiring. For me, doing the research and discovering so many great web sites and ideas is half the fun. I’m transferring ideas back and forth between what would work best at home vs. at the office. There are so many possibilities. But one tip that is universal to an inspiring workspace and a challenge in the crafting world is: UNCLUTTER.  

I love the blue theme in the office supplies and accessories courtesy of VisualNotes.com.

Check out how clean and organized this craft room is courtesy of Modish.com.

I’m digging these chic clipboards courtesy of LaCouturier.com.

The floral backdrop on the cubicle walls is very inspiring courtesy of StyleNorth.com.

Of course, having an inspiring space doesn’t need to be confined only to where we leave the blood, sweat and tears of our craft creations. Why not find inspiration everywhere? Not only can we decorate our homes and offices to be more inspiring, but we can also open our eyes more and pay attention the inspiration the world has to offer. After all, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer  

That said, here’s some sweet web sites to help with the inspiration quest:  

Remember, we create in the kitchen, craft room, cubicle, car and even on napkins at the restaurant. Our minds are always working. Whatever space you create in, let it be an inspiring one!  

Keep smiling!

P.S. It’s time to announce the winner of Kelly’s Royal Stamping Jackpot post!  

Colleen (Feb. 26, 12:32 p.m.)  

“My love affair with stamps started a couple of years ago. I needed a treat for the kids’ school and I wanted it to be packaged up pretty…years later…still loving stamps and…the treats!”  

Congrats, Colleen! You’ve won our 2010 Stamping Royalty prize package, plus the five stamp sets we featured in our “Say it with Stamps” section of Stamp It! Cards! Kelly will be contacting you shortly to get your mailing address. Thanks to all of you (almost 700!) who left comments!