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Jessica Witty

If you’ve met me, you’ve probably seen them. They’re hard to miss. I mean…I’m kind of a small person, but they just keep getting bigger and more colorful. 

I can’t help it.
These days I just love ‘em.  

Accessories, people…accessories! 

Hair clips (usually flowers), necklaces (the bigger, the better), bracelets (why have just one when five is better?)…it goes on and on. Personally, I notice that I like to keep my accessories similar to how I design my cards…only one big statement at a time. 

For example…my latest love… 

I love it. Love it. It goes with everything and always makes me feel great. 

Now, let me be clear; I wasn’t always like this.
I would not have considered myself super girly by any stretch. 
I had two kids…both boys, and that seemed to contribute to me staying on the non-girls side of things.
Boys don’t require accessories other than a stylin’ necktie or cap on occasion.
And I liked it that way. 

And then I had a daughter.
I’m blamin’ it on her. 

She came as quite a shock after five years of mothering those two very boyish boys. 

And then there was the fact that this kid came with a head full of hair right from the get go. Another shock after mothering two very boyish, very bald boy babies. 

And so it came to be that I began noticing a few changes. 
I started to see the reasoning in having accessories to perfectly contrast all of her outfits. {And mine; but that’s a different story.} 

I had to wise up pretty quickly…those tiny little pieces of cuteness aren’t cheap, my friends.  

But I am a paper crafter.  
I have skills.
I have creativity.
And what else do I have? 

That’s right.

Ah…the perfect little accessories, right at my fingertips.  

For example…the flower. 

These little sweeties were made with Basic Grey’s Fabric Bloomers and they could not have been easier. Just cover a little clippie with some strong adhesive and stick ‘em on. Done. 


How about in felt? 

This is the same idea, just using a different type of clip and a flower from Little Yellow Bicycle

What about in chipboard? 

This cutie chipboard is from Melody Ross’ Artsy Urban line from GCD Studios. I just pulled the flower off of the backing and glued the slide clip directly to the back.  

I’ve even found that brads are super simple to work into hair clips.  

Just put a little adhesive on the clip, then stick the prongs of the brad through the hole in the center of the clip and fold the prongs flat against it. I covered the back with a little circle of felt as well. (The flower brad is from K&Company…I am loving the vintage look on that one!) 

Or, in this case, I was able to just pull the prongs off the back and adhere the top of the brad right to the clip using some foam tape. 

Now that I’ve honed on cutie pie clip-making skills, I’ve moved on to headbands.  

I was able to use a length of wide ribbon that I have been saving for, oh, years on this one. I just took some colored elastic and stitched the ends together. Then I pinned the ribbon in ruffles stitched one line down the center to hold it in place…super easy. 

I’ve noticed that my new obsession has caused me to see products a bit differently. When perusing the Prima booth at CHA, I was so overwhelmed by all the accessory possibilities that I could barely stand it!  

And then there was Webster’s Pages…I am totally imagining Noelle all decked out in a sweet headband using these: 

How about you? 
Have you ever crafted some handmade accessories for yourself or your little one? 
Tell me all about them!
I’m on the search for new accessory ideas, so I’d love to hear yours! 

Later, friends! 

Paper Crafts Go-to Gal
Jessica Witty

Elyse Harris

So now that you’ve all seen my face and learned about a few of the things I do here at Paper Crafts, I think I’ll introduce my busy schedule to you. First off, I’m majoring in English (minor in editing) at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. 

So aside from being a full-time student, I also have two jobs and this internship. I work at The Pizza Factory in Provo, and usually work there about 12 to 15 hours a week. I’m also a research assistant for one of my former religion professors. My co-worker and I usually try to get in six to eight hours a week. And finally, I have this internship. It takes me about 30 minutes to get here and 30 minutes to drive back. I try to come in three times a week, and I usually stay for three to four hours each time. So have you been keeping track? That’s a total of 21 to 27 hours of work a week. And that doesn’t even include driving time. Or school. Or homework. Fortunately, that’s not every week. Just most weeks.            

So as promised from my last post, I have a few creations to show you! When I began working on my cards, I quickly learned that paper crafting requires a lot of creativity. I started out rather apprehensive about the whole thing. Not because I wasn’t excited…I just knew that much more experienced paper crafters were going to be seeing these projects. But as I relaxed a little and told myself that it’s okay to start out inexperienced (because who starts anything experienced?), I actually began to enjoy myself. And it helps to have some yummy product to work with! Love the new lines by Cosmo Cricket! 

I used Cosmo's Garden Variety on my Two Peas in a Pod Card.

And Cosmo's Material Girl collection on my Sew Sweet Card.

I know they’re pretty simple, but I was pleased with the results. I’ll admit that I’m pretty nervous about sharing these cards with all of you because there’s a lot a talented readers out there. If you have any ideas on how I can improve my cards or what I can do in general to improve my paper crafting technique, please let me know! 

With my busy schedule, I found time to create my cards after work and before going to bed. How do you fit paper crafting into your schedules? Are you a night owl? A weekend crafter? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear from you! 

Your Paper Crafts Intern,
Elyse Harris

P. Kelly Smith

Welcome to Magazine Monday! Hopefully little traces of spring are popping up in your corner of the world. April is almost here! 

Normally we spotlight our Gallery Challenge winners on the first Monday of the month, but next Monday, April 5, we’re kicking off our highly anticipated Go-To Sketches Week! Expect a ton a fun here, on Moxie Fab World and each of our Go-to Gals’ blogs. 

But before visions of sketches dance through our heads, let’s pay tribute to our three March Gallery Challenge winners. These three ladies reminded us how sweet it is to welcome a new little one or congratulate the happy couple. 

Winner #1 – Agnieszka Malyszek:    

We fell in love with Aga's sweet Onesie Baby Card.

Winner #2 – Nina Brackett:   

And what couple wouldn't love to receive Nina Brackett's Congratulations Card.

Winner #3 – Lynn Miller:   

Lynn Miller's cute Welcome Home Card could double as a baby or wedding card.

Congratulations, ladies! Each of you has won either a one-year subscription to Paper Crafts or the special issue of your choice. I’ll be contacting you shortly to discuss your prizes. If you’re interested in seeing all the baby and wedding-themed projects from the March challenge, please visit our gallery HERE.   

Wanna join the fun and participate in our next challenge? We just launched our Go-to Sketch Challenge last Monday. This two-week challenge will run through midnight (MDT) on Monday, April 5. We’ll also announce the theme for our April Gallery Challenge next Monday, so stay tuned for more details. 

Happy Monday!

P.S. It’s time to announce the winner from Betsy’s Playing Dress Up post, the winner from Susan’s Happy Little Easter Eggs ala Kim Kesti post and the three winners from my Marvelous Markers post! 

Betsy’s winner: 

Carolyn G. (March 24, 6:39 p.m.)  

Susan’s winner: 

Cheryl Sims (March 25, 11:35 a.m.) 

My winners: 

1. Charlene (March 26, 1:53 p.m.)
2. Shannon (March 26, 6:09 a.m.)
3. Kelly Climer (March 26, 9:58 a.m.)

Congrats, ladies! I’ll be contacting you shortly to discuss your prizes and get your mailing addresses. Thanks to all who left comments! 

P. Kelly Smith

Welcome to Freebie Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved rainbows. Maybe it’s seeing all those bright colors right next to another, each one beautiful and unique in their own brilliancy. 

Speaking of rainbows, I’m also a fan of the candy, Skittles. No just because they’re delicious to eat, but because they bring back a fun school memory. I’ve already told this story here, but if you’re new to this blog, it’s new to you! 

“…Then came Ms. Dowell in third grade. She used to keep a candy dish on her desk filled to the rim with brightly colored Skittles. Every time we would “do well” in class (get it…her name was Ms. Do-well), we would get to pick out one Skittles candy from her tall dish. (I’m convinced she refilled that thing every day because it never seemed to disappear!) I would always pick red (strawberry) and happily munched on it all the way back to my desk. To this day, whenever I open a bag of Skittles, I always reach for the red ones first and I think to myself, ‘You deserve this. You did something well today…'” 

So it’s no surprise that I love product that comes in a rainbow of colors. Bling, buttons and brads all remind me of shiny Skittles in a glass jar…just waiting to be “munched” on. But nothing excites me more than a set of never-been-opened, never-been-used markers. I love knowing that so much color resides in each small tube. And all you have to do is twist off the cap and play!  

Angie Hagist's Hello Hill Card from Stamp It! Cards.

I love how Angie used markers to color in her stamped image here. What a fun, whimsical tree with brightly colored mushrooms! For more great examples of marker-happy projects, pick up a copy of Stamp It! Cards or turn to the Marker Magic feature in our January/February 2010 issue. 

So you knew it was coming from the title of the blog, right? Right. I’ve got three sets of Bic’s Mark-it Ultra Fine Permanent Markers. Their ultra fine tips are perfect for coloring in those detailed stamped images…or if you’re like me, writing your name in 36 fabulous colors! Leave a comment telling me what you would do with a set like this. All comments must be received by midnight (MDT) on Sunday, March 28. 

Three lucky people will walk away with 36 colors of rainbow fun!

Happy Coloring!

P.S. It’s time to announce the winner of Jennifer’s Sketchy Math post! 

Brenda (March 23, 11:02 a.m.) 

Congrats, Brenda! You’ve won a copy of our new special issue Go-to Sketches! I’ll be contacting you shortly to get your mailing address. Thanks to all who left comments! (If you didn’t win this time around, you can always purchase a copy of Go-to Sketches HERE.)

Susan R. Opel

We’re getting close to one of my favorite days of the year…Easter! Roll springtime, resurrection and pretty pastels all up into one day, and you’ll find me smiling from ear to ear! 

Hopefully by now you’ve had the chance to drink in all of the springtime goodness in the March/April issue. Did you SEE the eggs that Kim Kesti created in Tips, Tools, & Techniques? Talk about wowie-wow! I simply asked Kim to come up with some creative ideas of how to use her paper crafting supplies to decorate eggs, and away she went! 

The six eggs that appeared in the magazine are pretty inspiring. I mean, who is brave enough to even attempt stamping and embossing on an egg shell? Kim is, and look at the awesome results! Kim also used acrylic paint, rub-ons, finger paint, paper flowers, patterned paper, adhesive pearls and glitter to dress up half a dozen simple eggshells. Aren’t these simply gorgeous?   

Here are some fun ways to dress up some eggshells!

One thing you probably don’t know is that Kim actually decorated three more eggs that didn’t appear in the magazine. Yes, she blew out THREE MORE yolks which really isn’t all that fun! If you go to her blog here, you can get a full insider’s look at how she went about creating all of the eggs. And here’s a look at the other three eggs that she created: 

Don’t be afraid to try glimmer mist, stickers, gems and ribbons on your eggs.

So as you head into Easter and are trying to think of a fun craft to do with the kids or for yourself, consider all of the pretty pastel goodness that you can find in your craft supplies, and scramble up some egg decorating fun! 

Would you believe that Kim is willing to part with these beauties? Leave me a comment telling me which egg is your favorite (and why), and one lucky/randomly chosen commenter will be sent the six eggs that appeared in the magazine (no guarantees that they’ll make it there in one piece – but it could happen!). All comments must be received by midnight (MDT) on Sunday, March 28. 

Here’s to an egg-citing Easter!

P.S. We just posted our next call for submissions! If you feel like getting in the Christmas spirit, we’re looking for projects for Holiday Cards & More, Volume 5. Click HERE for all the merry details!

Betsy Veldman

Playing dress up is pretty much a daily occurrence here in the Veldman household. Rarely a day goes by without a superhero of some sort flying around the house. Even the name of my blog, Paper, Scissors, and Superheroes, attests to this fact.

Now that my girls are getting older, the fairy princesses are giving the superheroes a run for their money. But whatever it be — princess, hero or sometimes even villain (ahem…a certain two-year-old usually fills that role), someone is almost always in character. 

Well, today it was my turn! No, I did not don my cape and mask…that would be downright silly. I got a little crafty and decided to play around with dressing up some die cuts. I love all of the options that come with die-cutting my own shapes…I can make them whatever color my heart desires, my electronic machine can cut them in any size and I can cut as many as I want…which saves me a little cash, especially if I’m making multiples of something. 

But, sometimes these little paper wonders can feel a little…flat. So, I decided to put together a reference chart full of ideas for different ways I can dress them up. Here are just a few ideas you can turn to if you’d like to add some pizzazz to your die cuts: 

  • Stamp on them
  • Paper piece and layer them
  • Cover them in buttons
  • Pierce them
  • Emboss them
  • Embellish them with brads
  • Coat them with glitter
  • Add stitching
  • Distress them with paint, ink or sanding

These are just a few ideas to get you started! I’m sure there are a gazillion more ways that you can think of that I have not! 

And, of course, when I got all of these pretty butterflies all dressed up, I had to put them to use on some mini note cards. I just added a strip of patterned paper and a stamped sentiment. Aren’t they pretty all dressed up?  

Dressing up your cards can be so much fun!

And you know the saying…”All dressed up and no where to go?” Well, these little cards need somewhere to go! Leave a comment on this post and I’ll choose one winner to send this set of nine cards to. All comments must be received by midnight (MDT) on Friday, March 26.

Betsy Veldman,
Paper Crafts Go-to Gal

Jennifer Schaerer

I admit it — I struggle to write the editor’s note in each issue. Not because I’m ever short on words (just ask my long-suffering husband), but more that I want the message to be useful and relevant since that page is some pretty valuable real estate. I’m sure it would be better used on featuring a project or three, right? 

When I started doodling the figures for our newest special issue, hoping the numbers would tell me a story that translated into something worthy of this spectacular publication, I realized that the issue is really beyond the term “special.” 

It’s turned out to be what we hope will be a true collector’s item – a collaboration between 6 Go-to Gals, who each created 11 sketches, which were the inspiration for 60 other contributors that resulted in 282 magnificent projects. So, my sketchy math says that 6 x 11 + 60 = 282. 

So now you have 282 great reasons to get yourself a copy of Go-to Sketches

Get your own copy of Go-to Sketches at today!

There’s fun in every page, and talent at every turn. There’s more to come (you DO know that we like to throw little promotional parties here and on the Moxie Fab World blog when we have a new special issue, don’t you?) so I won’t reveal everything, but I will say that we had an absolute blast at the photo shoot for this one. The giggling, preening, teasing, and overall friendship between this energetic group of women was something to stand back and soak in. Getting a group shot was…well, probably as challenging as you imagine it would be. 

The good news is that we've got PLENTY of outtakes for future use!

We’ve heard that the issues are on the newsstands and in your LSS already, so run (don’t walk!) to the nearest one to get yourself a copy. You know I’ve probably got one to give away, right? And that I’ll probably ask you to leave me a comment for a chance to win it, right? And that you need to do that by midnight (MDT) this Thursday, March 25, right? 

Guess what? 

You’re right. 

Stay tuned for more fun to come,

P. Kelly Smith

Welcome to Magazine Monday! Spring is officially here. In honor of this season of new beginnings, we’ve got something new and exciting to announce to all of our crafty friends. Yep, we’re launching another monthly gallery challenge and this one is all about sketches! 

With our new special issue Go-to Sketches going on sale tomorrow, we just had to take advantage of all the hype. This magazine features 282 projects created from sketches designed by our Paper Crafts Go-to Gals. In fact, each of the six Gals designed 11 sketches, so you have a total of 66 sketches to jumpstart your creativity. 

How Each Challenge Will Work: 

Each month our regular gallery challenge will begin the first Monday of the month and run for two weeks. Those of you who love playing along with this challenge, you’ll still have plenty of time to submit your entries. On the third Monday of the month (just as the regular gallery challenge is ending), we’ll launch our new Go-to Sketch Challenge. Featuring two sketches from those seen in Go-to Sketches, this challenge will run for two weeks and end on the first Monday of each month – right when we begin a regular gallery challenge! 

Since today happens to be the third Monday of the month, we’re just finishing up our March Gallery Challenge. This babies and brides-themed challenge will end at midnight (MDT) tonight, so you still have time to play along. But if you’d like to get a headstart on our new Go-to Sketch Challenge, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s the two sketches you’ll be designing with this month: 

Sketch #1 was designed by Teri Anderson.

Sketch #2 was designed by Maren Benedict.


Super fun, right? If you would like to see what other designers have done with these sketches, turn to p. 9 in Go-to Sketches for interpretations of Teri’s sketch and p. 33 for projects using Maren’s sketch. (If you don’t happen to have your copy yet, skedaddle over to your nearest bookstore. I hear it’s already out on some of the magazine shelves! And it’s going fast!) 


And just like our regular gallery challenge, at the end of two weeks, we’ll be picking three winners who will each receive a free 1-year subscription to Paper Crafts magazine or the special issue of their choice. These winners will also be spotlighted on this blog for all the world to see! 

Happy Monday!

P.S. If you’re ever confused on where to find our monthly challenges, just click on the links to the left of this post. Here you’ll find all the details, such as start/end dates and the theme/sketch inspiration for each month.) 

P.P.S. It’s time to announce the five winners of my March/April I-Spy post: 

1. NLR (March 19, 9:22 a.m.)
2. Jan Metcalf (March 19, 2:11 p.m.)
3. Sara G (March 21 11:12 a.m.)
4. Danielle (March 19, 6:15 a.m.)
5. Darryln (March 20, 1:17 a.m.)

Congrats, winners! You’ve each won an assortment of tree-themed product featured in the March/April issue! I’ll be contacting you shortly to get your mailing addresses. Thanks to all who played along!

P. Kelly Smith

Welcome to Freebie Friday and Paper Crafts latest installment of the trivia game I-Spy! Just in time for spring (the first day is tomorrow!), today’s giveaway is all about lovely, blooming trees!  

Get ready to play because I’m picking five winners this time! (Each winner’s prize package is literally growing right before my eyes! If you win, you will not be disappointed!) 

You must have a copy of our spring-infused March/April 2010 issue in front of you. All questions will be directly related to this issue and this issue only.  


March/April I-Spy Questions:  

1. I spy Jennifer’s Editor’s Note. She mentions that there are 19 first-timer designers in this issue. Name the three designers whose last names begin with the letter “S”. 

2. I spy our Paper Crafts Connection column. In honor of World Card Making Day, how many international bloggers participated in Cath’s World Tour of Card Making on the Moxie Fab World blog? 

3. I spy our Go-to Sketches column. How did designer Aly Dosdall create the sun rays in her UR My Sunshine Card? (It’s pure genius!) 

4. I spy our Color Play column. How many green pearl accents are on Layle Koncar’s Spring Card? (Look closely!) 

5. I spy our Shimmer & Shine feature. How did designer Kimberly Crawford get her rhinestones to perfectly match the yellow umbrella in her Cheer Up, Buttercup Card? 

6. I spy our Thanks & Congrats feature. Name the two designers who each have three-step cards in this feature. 

7. I spy an ad for our 2010 Stamping Royalty Card Contest. When must entries be postmarked by? (Hint: There’s still time submit!) 

8. I spy our Designer Challenge Your Choice: Pick Any Three feature. What three supplies did designer Maile Belles use to create her Thank You Button Card? 

9. I spy our Lovely as a Tree feature. What quote is featured on Go-to Gal Maren Benedict’s Plant Hope Card? (BTW, this Unity stamp set is up for grabs today!) 

10. I spy our Tips, Tools, & Techniques column. Paper Crafts Go-to Gal Kim Kesti paper crafted six REAL eggs – just in time for Easter! Name two of the six techniques shown in the column. (To find out how she achieved this eggscellent look, click HERE!) 

Five random winners (who answer five or more questions correctly) will win a selection of product we feature in this issue’s Product Parade and Sweepstakes columns. (Just turn to pages 80-81 for a closer look!) To play, please enter your answers in the comment field below this entry. All comments must be received by midnight (MDT) on Sunday, March 21.  

Five lucky winners will receive an assortment of this tree-licious product!

Good luck!

Elyse Harris

Well, hello, hello Paper Crafts readers! You’ve probably already noticed that my face looks new – that’s because I’m the new editorial intern here at the magazine. I’ve only been here for two months, but already I’ve learned so much.

My first task was to complete a technical writing assignment – writing supply lists and instructions for the projects you see in the magazine. My first thought was “Okay, this shouldn’t be too hard.” Boy was I wrong! After writing the first draft, I had to edit it over and over again. Every time I looked at it, there were several mistakes that I had missed the previous time! How did so much escape from me?! Especially since I’m an English/editing major! Well, all I have to say is now have a new-found respect for the writers here. It’s definitely much harder than it looks. Trust me.

Cataloguing projects for an upcoming issue gave me a chance to fully appreciate the projects our talented readers create.

For my next assignment, I had the wonderful opportunity of sorting cards. Truthfully, this has been my favorite task so far because not only did I get to open tons of packages (I mean, who doesn’t love opening packages?), but I also got to see all the gorgeous cards in them!

Okay, truth time. *Cringe* I’ve never actually made a card before. There, I said it! But you can breathe a sigh of relief because after writing all those supply lists and sorting cards for the next issue, I’ve come to the realization that I may have been missing out. Card making and paper crafting in general looks like so much fun! Plus, maybe it will impress some cute boy. 🙂

Something you all should know about me is that I’m up to trying anything new. Trust me, I really do mean anything. (This past October I completed a triathlon. And have I mentioned that I am not athletic? I used to hate running.) Anyway, I’ve decided to buckle down and get started on my new hobby of paper crafting. I can’t promise that it’ll last forever, but if I could become half as amazing as some of our Paper Crafts Go-to Gals, like Betsy Veldman or Kim Kesti, then I’d be pretty happy with myself. Time to get to work!

Your Paper Crafts Intern,
Elyse Harris

P.S. I’ll be writing two more blog posts before my internship ends. Hopefully by then I’ll have a few projects to show off.

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