Cath Edvalson

It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day today, friends. I don’t know who comes up with these silly holidays, but here it is.  

As I mentioned in this post on the the Moxie Fab World blog, dressing pets up in costumes is one of my most vehement “pet” peeves.  

I mean, seriously, what self-respecting dog wants to be seen in these get-ups?  

(Photos courtesy of  

I get that these little guys may need some extra help staying warm in the winter, but seriously? A purple quilted pom-pom jacket—with a hood?  

A herringbone jacket that wouldn’t even be comfortable for us humans to wear?  

You’ve seen lots of pictures of Kelly’s dog, Lexus, in her various get-ups. But there’s  none quite so precious as Lexus in her bathrobe:  

Although I don't think "precious" is the word Lexus would use.

And these sleepy Boxers, Buddy and Laila, doggie friends of Jennifer’s—I mean, aren’t they a little big for such silly garb?  

But I do suppose that if a doggie sweater is absolutely necessary, then you might as well make a fashion statement:  

And I will admit that this little sweater on Megan Hoeppner’s dog, Jack, can be extraordinarily cute:  

But friends, please, promise me that you’ll never do this to a dog:  

And certainly not THIS:  

Pajamas? For dogs? Fail!

I suppose it’s fine to be inspired by these get-ups, but please, if you must dress up your pets today in celebration of this *ahem* ridiculous holiday, just remember that we all need a little dignity in our lives, even our furry little friends.

Thanks for the rant,

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