Jessica Witty

Six days into the new year…raise your hand if you have already broken one of your resolutions.

Come on. You can admit it here.

Yeah, I know. Resolutions just have this way of breaking themselves. 

I’ve noticed that the smaller the resolution is, the more likely it is to be kept (at least in my case!). For example, during the past year I set up some mini paper crafting resolutions for myself.

Obvious choices (for me) would have included:

  • Say goodbye to perfectionism.
  • Become proficient and amazingly talented at using unique colors and new-to-me styles. 
  • Spend no more than 30 minutes making each card. 

However, in hopes of actually keeping my resolutions, I went with these:

  • Handmade is ok.

I’ve come to grips with the fact that this recovering perfectionist is just never going to be able to give it up completely. I’m ok with that. I love details and straight lines and perfect bows and I don’t really want to give them up. But…I also want to be able to make something and be ok if the last tiny detail doesn’t work out so well, know what I mean?

So, I started embracing my mistakes.

Seriously. I made it a goal to just say…“It’s ok.” See that little sewing glitch on the left side of the tag?

It’s ok.

Makes it look handmade. And it is. So, it’s ok.

I left it. And gave it to someone. Can you believe it? (Aren’t you proud of me?)

  • Try something new.

I’m not going to conquer the world of embellishments in a day. Or even a year. And while I love the whole shabby chic, ultra-detailed project, it’s hard to fathom one coming from me. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t branch out a little bit.

So, this year, I took a few steps.

I inked a few more edges. (Occassionally.)

I added a few more layers. (Sometimes.)

I used a few more embellishments. (Still workin’ on it.)

I even tried some out-of-my-comfort-zone color combos. 

Now that one…that one was a success! I found out that hey, I actually like some of these funny colors together. Huh. Who knew? 

  • Make more, think less.

Now, this one is a biggie, folks. I’m a thinker. 

Let me rephrase that. I’m an over-thinker.

It can be debilitating, I swear. 

Which color should I use? Pink? Or this slightly brighter shade of pink?

Let me think about it.

Wait. Still thinkin’.

Basically my goal has been to simply make a decision and move on. Move on in one direction and backtrack if I have to. Make more, think less.

It’s working for me.

This little one is one of my very favorites from this year…I remember it coming together so quickly that I was shocked. And yet completely satisfied.

You can find it in Paper Crafts’ new idea book A Card a Day: Your Ultimate Resource for Inspiration, Design, Tips & Techniques.

So, what are you paper crafting resolutions for this year? I think I’m going to be keeping a few of mine from last year…somehow, I think they’re not through with me yet! And in the spirit of keeping people on track with their resolutions, here’s a few Christmas cards to get this year’s stash started! Leave a comment telling me about your resolutions for the year and I’ll pick one lucky person to win both cards! All comments must be received by midnight (MST) on Thursday, Jan. 7.

One lucky winner will take home both of my cards from Holiday Cards & More, Vol. 4!

Happy crafting!

Jessica Witty,
Paper Crafts Go-to-Gal