P. Kelly Smith

Welcome to Freebie Friday and 2010! I hope all of you are enjoying the first day of this brand new year. I thought I would ask the Paper Crafts editors and Go-to Gals what they’re looking forward to the most in 2010.

From family vacations to a first-time mama to puppy school graduations, all of us at Paper Crafts are also looking forward to another year of inspiring publications and, of course, the opportunity to connect with all of you. Take it away, Jennifer!

Jennifer Schaerer – After a few years of chaos and rollercoaster livelihood, I’m looking forward to the relative calm that 2010 promises to bring. We don’t have any milestone birthdays or other occasions, no major travel plans, and our house project list isn’t very long. Ahhhhhhh. I’m feeling better already!

Brandy Jesperson – I’m looking forward to being a first-time mama. I’m envisioning a perfect baby who sleeps through the nights and loves to give cuddles. You might want to check back with me in a few months when reality has set in. I know I’ll love my son with all my heart, but I also know he’s his mother’s son, so he’ll probably have a stubborn streak in him!

Cath Edvalson – I’m looking forward to a romantic week in Key West with my husband. We’re going in February to ward off the winter blues. I’ll drink to that!

P. Kelly Smith – I’m looking forward to our family reunion this summer, which will be held on a cruise ship! Thanks to Grandma Smith for her generosity in bringing 25 people together!

Susan R. Opel – On July 10, 2010, I’ll be singing in the wedding of one of my former students in Indiana. I’m so honored that she asked!

Teri Anderson – I’m looking forward to my puppy and I graduating from puppy training school in February. He currently is living up to the name “Marley” with all his mischief.

Maren Benedict – I’m looking forward to traveling to Italy with my husband in late spring/early summer. This will be only our fourth trip without kids in over 14 years, so it’s very well deserved!

Kim Hughes – I’m looking forward to taking a couple of mini vacations that will revolve around the CKC locations that I will be teaching at for Paper Crafts. I’m anxious to see my brother and his family, and meeting so many wonderful new people along the way who love the paper crafting industry as much as I do.

Kim Kesti – Since this year marks our 25th wedding anniversary, I’m looking forward to a little getaway with just Keith and me! Imagine that. We don’t have reservations yet – any ideas out there for a fabulous (but not super expensive) stateside getaway?

Betsy Veldman – I’m looking forward to a diaper-free 2010 (being slightly optimistic here…) and an end to the terrible two’s! I’m also looking forward to traveling a bit for Paper Crafts and hopefully taking another family vacation this summer — destination to be determined! 

Jessica Witty – I’m looking forward to more SPACE! 2010 looks to be the year that this Party of 5 will find a new home. The thought of our 8-month-old finally able to sleep in a room other than our closet makes me very happy!

Ready for the very first giveaway of 2010? Tell me what you’re looking forward to the most in 2010. I’ll pick three lucky winners to receive a copy of our new special issue Card Creations: Start to Finish, Volume 2, which we’ll be spotlighting on Jan. 11-15! All comments must be received by midnight (MST) on Sunday, Jan. 3.

Happy New Year!