Maren Benedict

Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! Can you believe such a marvelous day actually exists?

Acoording to, today is a “great day to indulge, binge, pig-out and otherwise consume to excess, your favorite food…chocolate. We believe the timing of this day, during the holiday season, couldn’t be better.” I couldn’t agree more!

Just think of all the sinful ways you can celebrate…Think of all the things that could be covered in chocolate! 

In order to celebrate correctly, I decided to cover my favorite snacks in chocolate for a few last-minute teacher gifts.

Sin #1: Chocolate covered strawberries

Sin #2: Chocolate covered pretzels

Sin #3: Chocolate covered peanut butter sandwiches

Just slather some peanut butter between your Ritz crackers and cover. YUM! 

Are you getting hungry yet?

I have some leftover chocolate – just ready to cover something, anything. I would love to hear your sinful suggestions, so please post them below.

Have a chocolate-filled day!

Maren Benedict,
Paper Crafts Go-to Gal