Jennifer Schaerer

Although I’ve poked fun at the blending of seasons that starts sometime in September and ends December 25, especially since I live life in “magazine time” nowadays, there’s something about the spirit of Christmas that warms me to my toes and makes my Elf DNA kick in waaaaaay too early. My long-suffering husband (the original Grinch) wants to box me up with my Christmas decorations when I start humming carols in August. I just can’t help it! I start thinking about Christmas when we’re about halfway there — in late June.

But based on your response to our lunchtime conversation last week, it sounds like Brandy and I are in the definite minority when it comes to getting a jump start on the holidays. Y’all have a hard-and-fast rule about the integrity of Thanksgiving celebrations and don’t ever toss the turkey and gratitude in a Cuisinart with the Christmas trees and carols.

In spite of the commercial fuel that gets my holiday engine revving, I really love this blended and extended season for the focus on gratitude and giving — large or small, short or tall, it’s all about appreciating what we have and then sharing the love wherever we can for as long as we can.

So for you, the members of the Paper Crafts family for whom we are so very grateful, I bring you Melinda’s hard work and gift to you.

If you’re scanning this post in a reader or RSS feed, you might want to click on through and check out our new look:

Just for you! A new banner for Paper Crafts Connection!

And this will be the gift that just keeps on giving…since some of you may know that our Lone Design Man Matt likes to help Cath mess around with the banners over at Moxie Fab World, you can keep an eye out for the same attention to design detail here as we continue to make personal connections through the art of paper crafting. Maybe we’ll change the wallpaper. Or the mug. Or the look of her outfit. Stay tuned!

Whether your gratitude is the centerpiece of a table laden with turkey and stuffing or a holiday that’s all about giving and sharing, I’m right there with you in spirit.

Happy Merrygiving,