Holly Mills

Hello paper crafters! It’s me: Holly. I’m Paper Crafts’ new graphic designer. Cath already introduced me in this previous post, so I won’t say much more, except this: I am a self-confessed paper crafting ignoramus. There. I said it. It’s finally out there.

My nearest experience with paper crafting was an amateur run at bookmaking. But I love art. And I am continually amazed with the creativity and design skills I see in the cards we receive here.

For years my mom had a poster hanging in the hall titled, “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.” I feel like that’s where my paper crafting schooling is right now. I’m returning to the basics. If only naps and recess were included with my new education!

Shortly after starting with Paper Crafts, I realized I needed a tutor (or dictionary) to help me learn the crafting jargon that’s thrown around the office like a hot potato. I figured I didn’t have time to read-up on the vernacular, so I called my sister, who is a card maker. 

Me: Do you own a machine named after a bug?

Heidi: What? (pause pause pause) My Cricut?

Me: Yeah. It makes stuff for your cards, right? So tell me what is the difference between DIY and a die cut?

Heidi: Serious?

Me: Yeah. And what’s that cardboard stuff with decorated paper on the other side?

Heidi: You mean chipboard?

Me: Yeah. What do you use that for? Is it like a layering piece or an ornament or something?

Me: And how hard is it to emboss?

Heidi: What type of embossing?

Me: There are different types?

Heidi: (I can hear here blinking in disbelief) Yes, there’s dry, as well as heat embossing. They are different techniques.

Me: Huh?

Heidi: (stifling a mocking tone) Why don’t you come over and we’ll make some cards together?

Lets all keep our fingers crossed that I don’t break her Cricut machine, and maybe one day I’ll have a collection of my very own DIY cards.

Keep smiling,