Susan R. Opel

You know what’s fun to me about Halloween? I love the opportunity to dress up like somebody else while giving it my own twist.

Take last year for example. I dressed as Hester Prynne, the protagonist of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter (forgive me – former English teacher here!).

Instead of dressing like a full-fledged Puritan woman, I incorporated my chenille cheer letter from elementary school (the scarlet letter) and wore pearls to represent Hester’s daughter Pearl.

Halloween 2008 – dressed as Hester Prynne

Every issue of Paper Crafts magazine gives you the opportunity to dress up your cards with your own unique twist. Have you ever browsed through a Paper Crafts magazine or special issue and created a card or project inspired by one of the designs you saw in the publication? Maybe you took the design of a birthday card and made it into a Valentine, or maybe you switched up the colors to take a Mother’s Day card to a Father’s Day card. We want to hear your story and see your creation!

Here’s what I’m talking about. I love this project by Cari Fennell in our September/October 2009 issue on page 42.

Chic Halloween Card

Cari Fennell’s Chic Halloween Card

The design is timeless and can be recreated in a variety of ways. I decided to turn it into a Thanksgiving card that I can send to my parents. Mine isn’t quite as pretty as Cari’s, but you can see the correlation (I hope!).

Susan R. Opel’s Give Thanks Card

So I introduce to you Inspired By!

Thumb through the pages of a Paper Crafts publication (magazine or special issue) and create a project inspired by one that you see. Submit an image of your Inspired By project HERE, tell us where we can find the original in our magazine, and you just might have your card featured in the Paper Crafts Connection section of one of our issues. Why not give it a shot?

To celebrate this week of Halloween festivity, I have a prize package of spooky projects from Melissa Phillips and Mary Bieber that were featured in our September/October 2009 issue for one lucky commenter.

You could win all of these projects by leaving a comment!

Leave a comment and tell me about a project that you’ve seen in the pages of a Paper Crafts magazine that you are inspired to recreate with your own twist! All comments must be received by midnight (MDT) on Wednesday, Oct. 28th.

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