P. Kelly Smith

P. Kelly Smith

Welcome to Freebie Friday and Paper Crafts latest installment of the trivia game I-Spy! If you’re a fan of cute critters, then you’re going to love today’s giveaway! 

From snails and skunks to mice and monkeys, we’re giving away an entire zoo of animal-themed product. Get ready to play because I’m picking five winners this time!

You must have a copy of our November/December 2009 issue in front of you. All questions will be directly related to this issue and this issue only.

November/December 2009 I-Spy Questions:

1. I spy Jennifer’s Editor’s Note where she starts off singing one of her favorite Christmas carols. What is it?

2. I spy our Paper Crafts Connection column. How does designer Sherry Wright describe her style?

3. I spy Cath’s Moxie Fabs column. What icon does she say is “quintessential Old Country”?

4. I spy our Paper Crafts 101 column. What number is printed on the second technique square by Melissa Phillips? Hint: Look for the card featuring the vintage buttons!

5. I spy our Symbols of the Season feature. According to the vintage book page used in Angie Hagist’s Tis the Season Card, what kind of party was “Anastasia” supposed to go to? A). Pool Party B). Beach Party C). Halloween Party Hint: Look right above the point of the tallest tree?

6. I spy our Gift Trios: A Bag, a Tag, & Card feature. What striped candy is popping out of the bag in Maren Benedict’s Ho! Ho! Ho! Trio?

7. I spy The Heart of Christmas feature. According to the recipe on Wendy Sue Anderson’s Snowballs Gift Bag, how much powdered sugar is needed?

8. I spy our All Creatures Great & Small feature. What item did Kim Hughes trace to get the perfect half circle in her Not a Creature was Stirring Card?

9. I spy our Stamping Royalty feature. One winner hails from the state where bluebonnets are the official flower and armadillos roam the highways. Name the winner who has two cards featured here and calls The Lone Star State her home? Hint: This humble editor also hails from this state – as does her “boyfriend” Matthew McConaughey! 

10. I spy our Get Inspired column. What kind of pie did Susan’s Grandma Ozella make every Thanksgiving?

Five random winners (who answer five or more questions correctly) will win a selection of product we feature in this issue’s Product Parade column. (Just turn to p. 71 for a closer look!) To play, please enter your answers in the comment field below this entry. All comments must be received by midnight (MDT) on Sunday, Oct. 11.

Five lucky people will win an assortment of this cute critter product!

Five lucky people will win an assortment of this cute critter product!

Good luck!

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