Teri Anderson

Teri Anderson

I’m just going to put it out there. My name is Teri, and I am an eyelet hoarder.

I have been hoarding eyelets for years now, since I first got into paper crafting. I have every color of eyelet you can imagine: red; red-orange; pink; dark pink; green; green-blue and many more.

Funny thing is for all the hoarding I wasn’t using them. So I recently dumped all of my eyelets into a spice jar. I put it on my craft table and left it out so I would see them every time I sat down to play. Guess what? It’s working. I’m making more cards and scrapbook pages than ever with eyelets on them. And I’m rediscovering long-forgotten, fun ways to use them.

I used them to make the circle on this card.

I used eyelets to make the circle on this card.

I used a placement template from Timeless Touches to mark the holes for the eyelets. If you don’t have the template, you could do the same thing by drawing a circle with a pencil and marking the spots for your eyelets.

I also used eyelets for the flower centers on this card.

I also used eyelets for the flower centers on this card.

The eyelets provided a nice alternative to the brads and gems I normally use for flower centers.

I also like to use eyelets to:

  • Embellish patterned paper. It’s fun to randomly add them to the circles and squares that often appear on patterned papers.
  • Make hearts and letters with them. Draw your letter or heart with a pencil and then poke holes for the eyelets.
  • Adhere sentiment strips and tags to cards.

Are you an eyelet hoarder, too? Tell me about it. What ideas do you have for using them? If you are not an eyelet fan, is there a supply you hoard? Leave me a comment and I’ll pick one random winner to receive both of my eyelet cards shown above. All comments must be received by midnight (MST) on Thursday, Sept. 17.

Teri Anderson,
Paper Crafts Go-to Gal

P.S. It’s time to announce the three winners from Kim Hughes’ Back to School-Part II post! Here they are in no particular order:

1. Sherry (Sept. 14, 7:25 a.m.)
2. SMK (Sept. 14, 9:24 a.m.)
3. Jen (Sept. 14, 10:15 p.m.)

Congrats, winners! Each of you will receive a copy of Stamp It! Cards! Kelly will be contacting you shortly for your mailing addresses. Thanks to all who left comments!