Kim Kesti

Kim Kesti

Did you know the definition of groovin’ is: 1. An enjoyable time or experience. 2. To take great pleasure; enjoy oneself in a relaxed way. 3. To interact well; feel a rapport.

Looks like I’m starting off the “Groovin’ with the Go-to Gals” posts – how fun!

And, since yesterday was my super fabulous, once in a lifetime 44th birthday (gasp!), I thought I would share a few of the special cards I received.

This first one is from a dear friend all the way from Finland. I love how she has made the best of her resources (they don’t have a whole ton of scrapbooking product over there) and cared enough to create a handmade card.

I love the creativity of this one. Check out the letters made from fabric and ribbon…I want to try out this technique.

Photo cards are some of my favorites, too. This is from my sassy cousin Deb. The inside reads, “I believe you should live every day as if it’s your last. That is why I don’t have any clean laundry – because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?!”

This one is from another friend. I love how she included a classic quote along with the real birthday candles. Fun!

This last one is from my Mother-in-Law. She always sends photo cards with cute (and sometimes embarrassing) photos of the recipient. My kids look forward to Grandma’s cards the most. My card features a lovely photo of Keith and I dressing up for someone else’s 40th birthday. Hee, hee!

Thanks for letting me share. Send a homemade birthday greeting to your friend or relative; it really is something special.

Kim Kesti,
Paper Crafts Go-to Gal

P.S. Since I’ve been on the receiving end of gifts lately, I thought I would return the favor. Leave a comment telling me your favorite kind of birthday card. Do you like sappy, sassy, funny, punny or the ever versatile photo card? I’ll pick one winner to receive my Monster Mix Jar from the September/October 2009 issue. All comments must be received by midnight (MST) on Thursday, Sept. 10.

One lucky winner will take home my Monster Mix Jar!

One lucky winner will take home my Monster Mix Jar!