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Brandy Jesperson
Brandy Jesperson

To call the people I work with co-workers just doesn’t seem appropriate. No, we’re much more like friends who all happen to work together. We can talk about nothing for hours. We love gathering at one another’s homes for long lunches, holiday parties, and most recently, parades. Yep, we enjoy each other’s company and the same goes for the brilliant designers published in the pages of Paper Crafts

We love the fact that we are constantly meeting new designers. ANYONE can be published in the pages of Paper Crafts magazine, which means we’re always finding new friends. Most recently we had two amazingly talented designers stop by our offices. Go-to Gal Kim Hughes popped by a few weeks ago for a little chatting and lunching (the two things we do best). Even though Ms. Kim has been living in Utah for years, this was the first time we’d really sat down with her and picked her brain. After having such a fun afternoon, we were all so sad that she won’t be close by any more (she’s just moved out of state).

Posing for a picture with the fabulous Kim Hughes.
Posing for a picture with the fabulous Kim Hughes.

Last week we were pleased that the adorable Becky Olsen decided to stop by and drop off her projects for an upcoming issue in person. It just happened to be Becky’s birthday, so we had to send her lots of birthday wishes and pose for yet another photo.

Happy be-lated birthday to the very tan and talented Becky Olsen.

Happy be-lated birthday to the very tan and talented Becky Olsen.

I’ve never been much of a collector. I don’t get mini shot glasses, bells, or spoons when I travel, but I do collect friends. And don’t think you have to appear in the pages of our magazine to be considered a friend. Nope, we all have near and dear places in our hearts for all the wonderful followers of this blog. We love reading your comments every day and learning more about you in the process. Thanks friends, you are appreciated and loved.

With gratitude,

P.S. If you’d like to stay current with our six new Go-to Gals, we just added links to their personal blogs under our team blogroll. Now staying connected with friends is easier than ever before!

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