Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me how to cross-stitch. I started with plastic cross-stitch material and a piece of yarn with masking tape on one end. I would very carefully thread it through the squares, creating little X’s that then turned into butterflies, flowers and hearts. With a little practice, I then moved on to Aida Cloth and made more intricate designs and pictures with floss and a needle. This became a favorite pastime as I grew up. 

I haven’t done cross-stitch in many, many years. Recently I decided that I wanted to share this little hobby with my own daughter, since I enjoyed it so much at her age. I found a cute pattern on the Internet of a puppy, and she helped pick the colors of floss that she would use to create this little dog.

Heres my daughter Kaylis very first cross-stitch!

My daughter Kayli's very first cross-stitch!

Once I transferred the pattern onto the Aida Cloth, Kayli has been hard at work on her design. It’s been so fun to watch her as she very carefully pulls the floss through the material, and see her eyes light up as she watches the puppy come to life. 

Cross-stitching is a fun and relaxing hobby that many have enjoyed for generations. Did you know that you can cross-stitch on many different materials such as plastic, fabric and paper? This very easy technique can also be used on your paper crafting projects! 

Did you also know that Paper Crafts September/October issue has just hit the newsstands?! I created a Halloween card that I cross-stitched on white cardstock. My cute little pumpkin came to life with orange, green and brown floss, as I carefully put into place each little X.

Stitched Pumpkin Greetings Card (p. 60) from September/October issue.

Stitched Pumpkin Greetings Card (p. 60) from the September/October issue.

If you don’t know how to cross-stitch, there are many different tutorials and patterns on the Internet that you can transfer onto your projects. In fact, you can download the pattern for my pumpkin card right here! I encourage you to give it a try! 

Happy stitching!

P.S. Have you been following the Gallery Idol competition? I was so impressed with the Top 5’s humor cards – they really left me “in stitches”! Kelly wanted me to remind everyone that voting ends at noon (MST) tomorrow. Click here to view the Top 5’s entries and to vote for your favorite design!