Jennifer Schaerer

Jennifer Schaerer

If you look up intern in the dictionary, you’ll find things like “must be willing to learn” and “like it or not, you’re low man on the totem pole.” Okay, not really. But internships are pretty far from being a dream job in the eyes of many ambitious soon-to-be college graduates.

I will never forget the intern who told me that he’d let me keep my job when he became my boss. Funny though – he was shocked when his time in the marketing department ended much sooner than anticipated and he found himself off-loading UPS trucks in the shipping department. Heh.

We’ve been very lucky with our interns here at Paper Crafts, and even if they aren’t passionate paper people, they are well on the way to using their writing and design talents to build a career. Although her time here was up before I joined the team, Kalyn’s intern legacy lives on. And in the last several months Lindy, Brynn and our now our newest intern, Courtney Smith, have brought plenty of energy and can-do attitude.

Meet Courtney – she had a whirlwind first day!

Meet Courtney – she had a whirlwind first day!

From the literal minute she arrived for her first day, Courtney jumped right in and impressed all of us. She tested out product on a card design and took step-out photos along the way, got a crash course in blog writing from Kelly, reviewed January/February submissions with Susan, edited proofs for our September/October issue, and still smiled serenely for a headshot to go with the on-the-fly questions I asked her about two hours after she arrived:

Creative clutter or obsessively organized?

Courtney:   Obsessively organized – I can’t function without my to-do lists!

Early bird or night owl?

Courtney:  Night owl – although I wish I were an early bird! I’d probably be a lot more productive!

Handwritten or keyboard?

Courtney:  Keyboard – call it a testament to the preferred ease of youth, but my hand gets tired after two paragraphs!

We’re happy to have Courtney’s obsessively organized, night owl keyboard skills here for the next few months and you’ll hear more from her very soon. If you’d like to leave her a “welcome” or “good luck” comment, I’m sure she’d appreciate it!