Jennifer Schaerer

Jennifer Schaerer

It’s been entertaining to listen as the former teachers around here talk about what they would be doing right now if they were still teaching and not working on our magazines. Cath, Susan, and Beth spent the majority of their adult years sharpening the intellect of students in many grades and many subjects before they landed here at Paper Crafts and Creating Keepsakes magazines.

I’m sure the end of the school year brought a feeling of eagerness to recharge their batteries, coupled with the satisfaction of sending their giddy students tumbling headlong into the summer with a brain full of new and exciting information. It’s unfortunate that influencing young lives in such profound ways seems completely unrewarded by the historically low salaries teachers earn.

Although magazine editors aren’t much higher on the pay scale than teachers (but the dream job factor is certainly higher!), I like to give my kids’ teachers something at the end of the school year to show that I appreciate all they do. I sure don’t want to add to a collection of dust-gathering trinkets (coffee mugs, keychains, anything with an apple on it…), so this is one of the few times I know the perfect answer is a gift card.

And thanks to our most recent special issue 225 Cards & Gifts, I’ve got so many options for adding a handmade touch to the gift card holder that will help me convey just how much I do care and appreciate them.

This design by the very talented Kimberly Crawford seems just perfect for what I want to do:

By changing the sentiments, this design can be anything you need it to be!

By changing the sentiments, this design can be anything you need it to be!

I’m going to replace “for you” with “thank you” and on the inside, “Happy birthday to you” will become “The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.” And I just happen to have this super cute paper stack from Die Cuts With a View that will be perfect for a design honoring a teacher.

Since I’m making about a dozen of these, I’m glad it’s so simple and an economical 4” x 6” size. Here’s the diagram for making the pop-up holder for the gift card inside:

Some people believe that the three biggest reasons to become a teacher are June, July and August, and I say it is a well-deserved break. So to all the teachers who work so hard each day in the special job they have, a heartfelt “thank you!” to all of you!