Kim Kesti

Kim Kesti

Although I’m a diehard paper crafter, I do enjoy other types of crafts, too. I’ve tried knitting, crochet (didn’t do too well with that one), painting and woodworking. None of those stuck with for too long; except for sewing. I love to sew. Lately, I’ve returned to making baby quilts. They are great because they are small and easy to finish. Care to see my latest project?

I recently discovered “charm packs”. At my lqs (local quilt shop) these are available in a variety of fabrics and colors. A charm pack is a set of 40 precut squares of fabric ready to stitch together.

Since I wanted a standard size baby quilt, I picked up two of these packs for a total of 80 squares. I randomly stitched them together in ten rows of eight.

Next, I layered my quilt top with a thin cotton batting and a solid white backing.

After machine quilting all along the seams, I added a coordinating fabric binding. Didn’t it turn out cute?

The more I looked at it, the more inspired I became. “Do you know what?” I said to myself, “This would make a great card.” What can I say? It usually comes back to paper crafting after all.

What other crafty hobbies do you enjoy? Leave a comment and share YOUR passion! (BTW, if you would like step-by-step instructions for my quilt, head on over to my personal blog! Also, if you’ve been bitten by the sewing/quilting bug, make sure to check out Paper Crafts’ eight sister publications that include Sew Simple, Sew News, Creative Machine Embroidery, McCall’s Quilting, Quilters Newsletter, Quilter’s Home, Quiltmaker and McCall’s Quick Quilts.)

Kim, Paper Crafts Pro

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