Brandy Jesperson

Brandy Jesperson

That’s right…it’s 2010 here at Paper Crafts

Magazine time and real time are two very different things. For example, it’s May 14. My geraniums are planted, the birds are chirping, and I’m wearing Capri pants. Note to self: buy self tanner! However, in magazine time I’m final editing Holiday Cards & More (which is going to be an AWESOME issue, BTW). Yep, I’m immersed in pine trees, elves, and cable-knit sweaters.

Think that is crazy? I can do one better. The call for our January/February issue went out yesterday. Yep, we’ve already concepted a Valentine’s Day feature and have long since celebrated the New Year. 

This might sound a little hectic, but on the bright side I get to celebrate everything twice. Twice the conversation hearts, twice the spooking, and twice the Christmas carols. So, occasionally I write the wrong year on my checks…the banker always notices and sets me straight.  🙂 

To celebrate yet another example of magazine time versus real time I thought I’d offer up a prize. Do you plan ahead when it comes to your paper crafting? Do you need a holiday issue in August to ensure that your cards are completed by December? Leave me a comment answering one of these questions and I’ll randomly select two lucky people to receive FREE copies of the July/August issue of Paper Crafts

This issue doesn’t even go on sale until May 26 so leave me a comment to be eligible to win one of the very first copies! Winners will be announced Monday, May 18.  

Happy 2010, I mean 2009,

P.S. Our fantastic editor Susan Opel will be teaching at CKC-Manchester this weekend (May 14-16). If you happen to be there, make sure to say hi!