Brynn Lilliwhite

Brynn Lillywhite

Welcome to Magazine Monday! Isn’t it incredible the things that are created just by paper and ribbon (and a few other supplies)? I’ve always thought of myself as creative; however, as I see the masterpieces in the pages of Paper Crafts magazine, I realize that I still have a lot to learn in the world of paper crafting.

When I heard from our wonderful managing editor, Brandy, that Paper Crafts was looking for a design intern and that I had the job, I was thrilled! This internship is the best of both worlds. I get to design (my career of choice) and I get to do it surrounded by crafty people and projects (my passion).

I spent my first day in the photo studio helping our art director, Stace, stylize and photograph cards for an upcoming issue. We created a scene for each set of cards using props and different background colors. I was surprised by the level of detail that goes into making each shot absolutely perfect. I guess I never really thought about how a magazine is put together, but I definitely never imagined that cards were first created by designers and then photographed before being added to each page in the magazine. I definitely learned something new and it was fun to lay the groundwork for the issue in such a tangible way. 

Heres our photographers Brian and Symoni looking at an image on their computer. Notice the rainbow of colorful drapes and background boards in the background.

Here's our photographers Brian Smith and Symoni Johnson looking at an image on their computer. Notice the rainbow of colorful drapes and background boards behind them.

My next assignment was to design a few Simple Sentiments downloads. That was much harder than it looked! I tend to make my projects much too involved and get in way over my head. Stace helped me to see that with these designs, less is more. It took some time, but I finally created simple designs that I’m very excited about. Go figure, Simple Sentiments are supposed to be simple!

Since I started over a month ago, I’ve grown and experienced things that I didn’t think I would learn from a paper crafting magazine:

  • I’ve experienced the freedom of creating and been given the opportunity to potentially see my work in a finished publication.
  • I’ve experienced the joy of becoming friends with people I might not have met otherwise, and to see them be a part of each other’s lives, both in and outside of work.
  • I’ve experienced the excitement of seeing a magazine take shape from start to finish, and to be a part of all the behind-the-scenes events.

I now understand that the Paper Crafts team, the readers (all of you), each individual page and every detail in between make up something greater – the finished product. I have loved being part of that and look forward to the next several weeks here at Paper Crafts!

Your design intern,
Brynn Lillywhite

P.S. It’s time to announce the three winners from Matt’s Lone Design Man post from last week! Here they are in no particular order:

1. Rachel Hope (May 7, 9:19 a.m.)
2. Ginger Hollner (May 7, 6:52 a.m.)
3. Mary (May 8, 6:08 a.m.)

Each of you will receive a collection of magazines featuring Matt’s amazing openers! Kelly will be e-mailing you shortly for your mailing addresses! Thanks to all who left comments and played along!

P.P.S. It’s also time to announce the three winners from Kelly’s Freebie Friday – Matt, Mom and a Blooming Giveaway post! Here they are in no particular order:

1. Darlene (May 8, 2:02 p.m.)
2. Sammie (May 8, 7:13 a.m.)
3. Elizabeth S. (May 8, 10:04 a.m.)

Each of you has won the flower-themed prize package! Kelly will be e-mailing you shortly for your mailing addresses. Thanks to all who left so many great bits of motherly advice!