Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson

Every Easter, while growing up, my mother would sew me a new dress. Often times it would match my other three sisters, and we would go to church with new twirly dresses, white tights and white patent leather shoes. This is one of my favorite Easter memories, along with decorating eggs and finding egg-shaped bubblegum in the bottom of my basket. Many of these traditions have followed me into mommyhood as I now get to buy a new dress, tights and shoes for my own little girl. 

Oh, how I love this time of year! Pink blossoms on tree branches, yellow daffodils on the sidewalk and birds chirping in the distance, as they build a new home. There is so much to look forward to with a sense of renewal and fresh beginnings. Spring cleaning has begun in my home, and it feels wonderful to finally reach the bottom of closets and the highest shelves in the bathroom linen closet. 

Spring is such a wonderful time of year as everything wakes up after a long winter’s nap. I am grateful for this time of year as I get to reflect on my own blessings and create new beginnings in many aspects of my life.

Here’s my little Easter wish for each of you… I hope you have a wonderful holiday this Sunday!

Wendy, Paper Crafts Pro

P.S. What are you looking forward to this spring?