Susan R. Opel
Susan R. Opel

After almost (but not quite!) 40 years of living, I’ve met a lot of amazing people. And after living in a total of five states, I’ve left friends behind that impacted my life greatly. It’s sad to let go, but sometimes we lose touch.

On a particularly long road trip not too long ago, I came up with a little game that not only helped pass the time, but it also called up memories of those long ago friends. The object of the game was to think of a woman or girl’s name (first or last) that I have met for every letter of the alphabet. It was such fun to call up memories that had been buried for far too long. Granted, coming up with someone for every letter wasn’t easy, but I substituted names for some of the tough letters. I loved this little exercise so much that I even blogged about it here so that I could remember it.

Indeed, I was so inspired, I even made a layout paying tribute to what I dubbed My Sweet Sixteen. These were the 16 ladies that I felt had most influenced my life – from childhood friends, to influential teachers, to college roommates, and colleagues. Though I didn’t have a picture for each person, I was still able to put down thoughts about her in a little pocket so that I can remember her forever and how much she meant to me.

If you want to see the journaling or the supplies for this project, you can look here.

What about you? Do you have friends who have gone out of your life that you cherish dearly? Have you reconnected through Facebook? What if you sent her a handmade card today to let her know how special she is to you? I can guarantee that she’d love to hear from you!


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