P. Kelly Smith
P. Kelly Smith

Welcome to Magazine Monday! Today we’re going to meet our new design intern Brynn Lillywhite and take you behind the scenes of one of your favorite columns in the magazine – Simple Sentiments!

Simple Sentiments is managed by our fabulous managing editor Brandy Jesperson. She strives to pick quotes that either tie into one of our features or appeal to the seasonality of that issue. Once she selects the quotes, she turns them over to our amazing design team (Stace, Matt and Brynn), who then plug in the graphics. Once designed, Brandy goes home to her little craft room and makes a card to feature in the magazine. Here’s the super cute card she made for May/June’s Simple Sentiments column:

So today I just happened to spy Brynn hard at work on our July/August Simple Sentiments column. If you look to the left of her monitor, you can see she’s tack up a first draft of images on her computer. She’ll use these for inspiration and tweak them until they’re absolutely perfect and ready to be published.

Interested in getting your hot little hands on our May/June Simple Sentiments? Click here to download each and every one of them! And make sure you stay tuned for our next issue where Brynn will debut her fabulous sentiments for all the world to see!


P.S. According to our 2008 reader survey, Simple Sentiments is the third highest ranked column in our magazine. In fact, 77% of our readers say they use their computers to either print or search for sentiments. How’s that for a fun little factoid!

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