Stace Hasegawa
Stace Hasegawa

Okay, here it goes. Welcome to my very first blog. The very first one I have ever written! Yeah, I know, it’s not like I am that old and I have no idea what blogs were up until now. No one has to come over and help me program my VCR. Boy… that would be sad. But I DID just start playing on Facebook. So this is my next new big adventure.

So, what to share? How about a big part of what I do here at Paper Crafts… designing openers and concepting how a feature will be shot. Hopefully, you all enjoy them. I pulled a few of my favorites and it wasn’t until now that I realize that they were all from Halloween issues. Hmm… do you all see a theme here?

My first Halloween feature was in Crafts Magazine 2002. It doesn’t seem like very long ago, but the fact that the projects were dolls, felt pillows, and crocheted table covers – that tells you something! The gargoyle was a present from a friend, and the rocks and stuff were just props we found outside.

Next was the “Art of Tattoo” feature from 2007. I had this idea to design a tattoo, but then had to find a victim that would sit still for whatever time it took to draw and paint on them. Luckily my sister had this cute friend named Cameron who agreed. He actually was a very good sport and sat for a long time. And at the end, he wore it all day, long after we were done.

Lastly, was the “Enchanted Forest” feature from last year. Sometimes in handoff I get these pictures almost immediately on what I want to do. Sometimes they work out; sometimes they don’t and I come up with something new. For some reason I really wanted to make these little paper trees for this feature. The most asked question was, “How long did they take to make?” Well, after about 11 hours, I stopped keeping track because it made me realize how crazy it was getting (11 plus hours times how many trees?). Yeah, you know how that goes – it seemed like a good idea when I started. But what was going to be a forest of trees ended up being only five. Probably a good thing that I didn’t create a forest since most of the trees would have been cut out.

Well, I hope you liked my first blog and the little stories about my openers. I decided that when I write a blog I want to give away prizes, so for my first blog… I want to give away one of my little paper trees from the forest feature. They stand about 15 inches high. Leave a comment telling me what you liked about the overall design of this feature. I’ll pick my lucky winner on Monday, March 2.

 Stace, Art Director Extraordinaire

P.S. Kelly added the “Art Director Extraordinaire” bit. I’m really not that vain!