P. Kelly Smith
P. Kelly Smith

I don’t know about you, but I love Oscar night. I love seeing the nominated films, picking my favorites, and then tuning in to see who takes home the golden statues. And who doesn’t like seeing all fashion hits and misses. (Does anyone remember Bjork’s weird swan dress from the 2001 broadcast? Creepy, right?)

Since Susan had so much fun with her Hottie Day at the Paper Crafts Office post this week and the Academy Awards are on this Sunday, I thought I would test your knowledge of all things Oscar.

If you answer all five questions correctly, you will be entered into a drawing to win the Nine Pockets craft apron from Jillie Willie! Made of 100% cotton, this comfortable, yet stylish accessory comes with nine pockets to keep all of your crafting supplies close at hand.

One lucky person will win this cute craft apron from Jillie Willie!

It may not be an Oscar gown, but it's still dang cute!

Let’s play “And the Oscar Goes To…”

1. Who is the youngest actress to ever win an Oscar? (Hint: The key word here is “win” not “receive”.)

2. What powerful love ballad won the 1997 Oscar for Best Original Song? (Hint: Four Paper Crafts editors will be hearing this song live in concert this Sunday!)

3. Who has hosted the Academy Awards a record 19 times? (Hint: He celebrated his 100th birthday in 2003.)

4. Only one animated film has ever been nominated for Best Picture. What is it? (Hint: The movie’s tagline is “The most beautiful love story ever told.)

5. Which three films have won the most Academy Awards? (Hint: Each won 11.) 


Good luck, everyone! I’ll pick my winner on Monday, Feb. 23.


Enjoy the Oscars!



P.S. This just in from Susan!


I don’t know about you, but I had a GREAT time hanging out with you guys on Tuesday as you tried to match the hotties to the Paper Crafts staff member. And now it’s time for the reveal! Yay! First for our winners… Hats off to Thespa McLaughlin who was so off the mark for such a long time, and then outta the blue she came up with the first right answer! Here is what she said on February 17th at 3:22 pm:

Ok, this is my last try. I think I have it figured out?

1. Susan – Mellencamp
2. Brandy – George Clooney
3. Cath – Brad Pitt
4. Kelly – Mathew McConnaughey
5. Jennifer – Daniel Craig (Bond)
6. Stace – David Boreanez
7. Matt – Princess Leia
8. Brenda – Johnny Depp


Here’s a collage of us adoring our hotties!

Here’s a collage of us adoring our hotties!