Susan R. Opel

Susan R. Opel

Friday the 13th wasn’t an unlucky day for the Paper Crafts staff. No, instead, some of our greatest wishes came true.

As each of us arrived, we were greeted with a frame on our desk from someone special dropped off by Cupid (aka Stace our over-the-top art director – see this post). I was here first that day, and I couldn’t wait for everyone to find their photo frame and hear their laughter.

Take a look at the picture and see if you can guess which hottie goes with each staff member and then leave your answer in the comments section. And since I know you all dig prizes, I will give a prize to the person whose guess comes the closest. Make sure that you answer by Thursday at 5 pm MST.
And the hotties are:
1. James Bond in the form of Daniel Craig
2. Brad Pitt with a little thigh exposed
3. Puppy lover George Clooney
4. Matthew McConaughey looking buffer than ever
5. A cleaned up Johnny Depp
6. John Mellencamp’ in the USA
7. His only hope – Princess Leia
8. David Boreanez – someone’s angel

Staff members: Brandy Jesperson, Brenda Peterson, Cath Edvalson, Jennifer Schaerer, Kelly Smith, Matt Anderson, Stace Hasegawa and Susan Opel

We’ll reveal the winner and the answers on Friday. 🙂 Have at it!