Susan Neal

I don’t need an excuse like Valentine’s Day to express my love for chocolate, but I’ll take it, AND any other day that celebrates this – the greatest of food groups (and yes, I’ve decided it is a food group, at the very tippy-top of the pyramid).

I was digging in my stash the other day and found this little gift box that really, perfectly describes how most of us feel about the “Big C”.  And yes, there is a shocking lack of hearts on this project, but that’s because I made it for a guy… my son!

Valentine’s is truly a perfect time to pair my two favorites: chocolate and paper crafting… it just takes it to the next level – nirvana.


There is an odd anticipation factor with paper crafted chocolate though… EXACTLY how long can I last before I rip apart that adorable package of kisses (Thanks Brooks, so cute!). So far I’ve resisted, but now that I photographed it for posterity, I don’t think It’s going to last very long.

And now, just because I want to make you drool, I want to share this picture of me in a grocery store just outside of Paris, France last summer. Look closely. Once you’ve gotten over the shock of how much chocolate that is (and actually the other side of the row was also all chocolate), please note that I am actually FLIRTING with the chocolate.

Lastly, I want to share with you my latest chocolate crush – Lindt Intense Orange chocolate. Just slightly bitter with bits of almond and orange peel – oh so heavenly! Thanks to my sister-in-law, Donna, I now buy these in bulk. 

Happy Valentine’s!